Diamond Facial Kit (Pro)


(Good for normal and oily skin)

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Diamond Kit
Reduce Blemishes & Uneven Skin Tone And Improve Skin Clarity

Inner Glow Herbal Diamond Kit is a modern day teachinic,that offers pampering relaxing experience allowing you to unwind,escape and ully rejuvnate.use of traditional aroma oils awarkens the muscles eases you back into the day.It Has strong skin polishing efect for giving smooth texture to it has strong skin polishing effect for giving smooth texture to the skin.ideal or keeping harmful effects of pollution away.


STEP 1: Diamond Cleansing Cream

Inner Glow Herbal Cleansing Cream is a Gentle cleanser formulated.It middly cleaness removing the build up of impurities on the face.It removes oily dirt,smoothen pores and boost circulation.

How to use: Pour adequate quantity of cleansing cream on your hand and apply on face neck in circular motion.


STEP 2: Diamond Scrub

Inner Glow Herbal Diamond Scrub helps in removing dead cells.Epidermis is refined.Tones and smoothens the skin making the complexion bright and even.tightens skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

HOW TO USE: Gently rub the Diamond scrub for 5-10 minutes.then clean with wet cotton of water.


STEP 3: Diamond Massage Cream

Inner Glow Herbal Diamond Massage Cream is quickly removes dryness.It nourishes and moisturizes the skin and helps reduce surface lines and wrinkles.Leaves the skin smooth,soft and vibrant.

HOW TO USE: Gently massage the face neck area with massage cream for 15 minutes.clean it with wet cotton.


STEP 4: Diamond Massage Gel

Inner Glow Herbal Diamond Massage Gel provides advance defense system and triggers positive change.skin becomes smooth and toned with tightened effect making skin firm and hydrated.

HOW TO USE: Massage With gel for 5to7 minutes.and then penetrate the gel with the galvanic machine.


STEP 5: Diamond Pack

Inner Glow Herbal Diamond pack boosts collagen formation and firms and firms skin making the epidermis calmer,smoother and firmer.This formula moisturizes the skin and helps to reduce visible sings of

HOW TO USE: Gently apply the required quantity of the face pack on face neck.Leave it for 15-20 minutes,clean it with wet cotton.

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Additional information


1) Contains Diamond ash, Rose oil,Geranium and Avocado.
2) Soft,texturing and smooth touch Diamond shimmer facial improves blood circulation and boost glow,Avocado oil good for dry,dehdrated skin.
3) For natural shine and brilliance.
4) It has strong skin polishing effect
5) Good for normal and oily skin.


Pro : 1100.00 Rs
Eco: 3000.00 Rs
Regular: 375.00 Rs

Net Contents:

Diamond cleansing :70gm
Diamond Scrub :70gm
Diamond Massage Cream :70gm
Diamond Massage Gel :70gm
Diamond Pack :70gm
Total Quantity :350gm


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