Papaya Facial Kit (Pro)


(Ideal for pigmentated skin)

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Papya Facial Kit makes skin Healthy,Beautiful & soft. It clears blemishes,sport & scars from the make the complexion fair and imparts a smooth spotless glow to the face.

  1. Effectively Heal and control the appearance of pigmentation Blemishes.
  2. Contains papya Enzymes and other citrus fruit Extracts and several essential oil.
  3. A natural De-pigmenting treatment cinsisting of a rare blend of papya Extracts that help remove skin blemishes and pigmentation.
  4. Papya pulp removes the black spots.
  5. The rubbing of papya fruit helps speed up natural skin renewal Leaving skin fresher and younger looking.
  6. Ideal for pigmentated skin.

Key Ingredients:

PAPAYA CLEANSER : Glycerine,Carbomer,Tri- Ethanol Amine,PG,Papaya Ext,Di sodium EDTA.
PAPAYA SCRUB: Papaya Ext,Walnut Scrub Beats, Emulsifying wax Bees wax,Cetyl Alcohol Glycerine Light Liquid Paraffin Oil Glycol Mono Stirred.
PAPAYA MASSAGE CREAM: Papaya Ext,Emulsifying wax.Bees Wax,Cetyl alcohol, Glycerine,Light Liquid Paraffin Oil
PAPAYA FACIAL GEL: Papaya Ext.Glycerine, Carbomer, Tri-Ethanol Amine, PG, Di Sodium EDTA.
PAPAYA FACE PACK: Papaya Ext. Kaoline,Glycerine,Titanium-Di-Oxide, Bentonite.
PAPAYA SERUM: Cyclomethicone, Silicone Oil,ipm, Papaya

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